If this is your first time in front of the camera as a couple, don’t worry.  I like to capture couples interacting together and in a natural state that brings out the qualities of the two together.  There will be sitting, standing, walking, and sometimes piggy back rides (oh yah) — but in the end there will be beautiful photos that last through all your chapters in life together.

Most people don’t like a ton of photos of themselves.  In fact, the majority of couples are overwhelmed when there are more than 25 images delivered from a session.  Instead of quantity we aim to deliver quality.  At most couple’s sessions I will have a goal of 15 to 20 keeper photos that are both unique and engaging, confirming with the client at each step of the way.  In the end there will be great variety and a flowing theme for everyone to enjoy.

What to Do

As for themes, please let me know if there is a certain style you are going for or anything unique.  I want to be certain to assist you in any way I can to bring out the best look in the photos.  If it’s airplanes, the library or even your home you like, then let’s make it happen.  If you like horses and or trucks, then we can do that too.

This leads me into my next topic of…

What to Wear

When two people are in love there is such a wonderful sense of complimenting personalities and matching emotions.  The same should be for the wardrobe worn at a photography session.

I always suggest to plan for at least 2 unique outfits.  If that doesn’t work, then a change of tops will be great.  The goal is to get a set of unique photos by switching it up a little midway.  That offers more variety in the poses and surroundings. 

One outfit should be casual and the other more dressy.  Casual more or less means that you can feel free to sit in the grass and get all cozy.  Dressy doesn’t have to mean suit jacket and little black dress, but if that is you, then go for it!  Mainly, when it comes down to picking the right outfits, complimenting colors are very helpful along with like patterns.  For a woman, vertical stripes and long summer dresses can be slimming.  Guys look great in most everything except wrinkly shirts stuffed in the drawer months ago.  Avoiding bright whites is a plus unless it is a summer dress or the theme calls for it.

Beautiful young lady in a beautiful sunset Make sure your footwear is comfortable as well.  If we are going to a country setting, chances are we’ll be walking a little on rough paths or terrain.  Most of the time heels don’t really get better traction and can mess up an ankle or two, so many choose to wear flats until they get to the setting.

Socks may be in the photos guys, so please make sure you like how they look!

Click here to see a collection of engagment/couples portraits I found on pinterest.  If you see something you like, we can recreate these portraits uniquely for you.