So many ideas for the new "Mommy to Be". The options are all so adorable and I could do these sessions every day of the year because it is a beautiful moment in life. To capture the best of a maternity photo session, here are a few things to consider...

When should I schedule?

I recommend scheduling your shoot between 31and 36 weeks of your pregnancy. At this stage you get almost true size of a full term belly but without the discomfort of those last couple weeks. This time frame will also give you plenty of time to order maternity portraits — and extras, should you need them.

Wear Comfortable Clothes That Show Off Your Bump

Comfort is key when it comes taking a good picture. Even if you’re the most photogenic person in the world, wearing clothes you don’t feel good in will read in your pictures. While you do want to be comfortable, it’s also a good move to wear something that shows off your baby bump. Stretchy fabrics that conform to your belly are a great option, as are dresses belted just under your bust.

A belt just under the bust helps to highlight your smallest point and adds beautiful curves to your figure. Opt for lighter clothes, these tones add that purity touch to a "mommy to be"

Undergarments Matter, Too

Lines from your undergarments may show up in portraits, so choose the appropriate underwear when putting your maternity photo outfits together. There are “seamless” panties available and some shape-wear will also help smooth out unwanted lines. Make sure you wear a properly fitting bra that completely covers your bust. They have definitely grown in size and can still be tastefully photographed.

Lather Up Before Your Session

Add to your radiance by lathering up with a nice, luxurious lotion about an hour or two before your session. This will minimize any redness or dry skin. It will also keep you more comfortable if you’re dealing with itchy skin — a common side effect of expanding skin! Do skip oily or greasy lotions and opt for super absorbent lotions, instead. Applying an hour or two before your session gives it plenty of time to soak into the skin.

Deciding on Props Beautiful young lady in a beautiful sunset

With maternity photography, props can add significantly to the overall feel of the images or they can distract. Toys, items of clothing, baby furniture or other creative accessorize can add to your photo. You also don’t have to use them for every photo. If you want more of a lifestyle session, then most likely you’ll forgo the usual props so that main focus is on you.

Know That You’re Beautiful

Pregnant women often find themselves uncomfortable in their current physical state. That glow and the feeling of having your best friend developing inside you, shows up on the camera. In years to come, you will be so glad you had those photos done and so will your baby.

Please feel free to look at a Pinterest Board that I have put together with a lot of unique maternity themed ideas and poses. If you see anything you like, send it to me via text or email and we will make sure that we capture a similar look during your session. Pinterest Maternity Board ideas