What to wear

As you can see from the sample session I shot a few weeks ago, my client picked the perfect colors for this set. (I didn't even coach her, LOL) SO, here is how you can create your own look without copy and pasting so to say.

  • Pick 2-3 base colors

  1. She picked a rose, dark blue & white colors

  2. She kept two family members in solid colors and the other two in simple patterns. Keeping the balance and not too busy.

  • Pick one accent color

  1. Accent color shown here is the yellow (which happens to be my favorite color and the perfect color for fall)


A few simple looks to get you started







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red_burntorangered_burntorange Fall-Family-Outfits-Bold-ColorsFall-Family-Outfits-Bold-Colors



What not to wear Matching-Family-Outfits-Mommy-and-Me-Clothes-Dress-Summer-Beach-Dress-Casual-T-Shirt-Mother-DaughterMatching-Family-Outfits-Mommy-and-Me-Clothes-Dress-Summer-Beach-Dress-Casual-T-Shirt-Mother-Daughter

  • No shirts with large branded logos on them

  • no dirty shoes ( actually I prefer boots or covered toes out here in the tall grass)

  • keep your make-up natural, remember your standing next to others that don't wear make up, don't be the focus of a family picture.

  • don't wear clothes that are uncomfortable, it will show in your pictures that you are not enjoying yourself and are self conscience of your clothing choice.

  • Same goes for small children, I know they have so many cute clothes tp choose from but if they are uncomfortable, they will be less cooperative and again it will show in your pictures

  • Try not to match everyone in the same clothing (as shown in photo to the right) 


After your session is done

  • It will take a little less than a week for your gallery to be ready for viewing, you will receive an invitation to view your gallery and it will be assigned a password.

  • Only people with the password will be able to access your gallery.

  • I will need you to choose your 5 images that you want to keep (plus any additional images you would like to add on, $10 each or 3for $25) An invoice will be email to you if any additional images are added to your session.

  • To choose these images click the hear on the top corner of the image you want and it will be added to your "favorites" folder.

  • Once you have finished, click the "share favorites with photographer" button and I will send you your final gallery
    where you can download your images and purchase photo gifts, holiday cards, etc.

  • You will receive a coupon code on the day of your session, redeemable on my website for your free 8x10 print. 

  • Feel free to share your final gallery with your family if they would like to purchase their own photo products with your images or download the images for their own use.